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Down, but NOT OUT!

2010-10-04 11:29:36 by LichiMae

Hey, sorry about being gone so long. Life bitch slapped me REALLY hard. I had to take care of business with family problems, college and finances, but I've been working on scripts and a few animation things, and I've been trying to finish some episodes. I'm tweaking the format a little bit, like:

-No Family Guy-este cut scene bullshit.
-Tablet Drawn Graphics

I PROMISE to try and have the next episode out sometime soon!
I wasn't excepting such a response to the series. Thank you. I seriously mean that.

Down, but NOT OUT!


2007-10-06 05:28:15 by LichiMae

WOW; Frontpage, 2 daily awards and one weekly award? :3 Thanks everyone!

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments, and suggestions, and am using them to make the next episode even better! :D

More characters, more plot, more funny, more drama, and more Taco Bell. :V All with a new twist...

Better animation. :O

...Ya, I'll try to work on that. <_<